Announcing the Fall Voice Community: Eat, Breathe, Talk!
Fall Voice has partnered with DocMatter to provide a robust discussion forum for all topics related to voice, swallowing, and airway.

The Fall Voice Community: Eat, Breathe, Talk is designed to foster the multi-disciplinary approach to the management of laryngological disorders. Participants collaborate on individual cases, build consensus, share medical knowledge, educate colleagues, train new practitioners, and receive or offer career mentorship. Through collaboration, participants can discover and critically evaluate new medical data, knowledge, and technologies concerning the fields of laryngology, speech-language pathology, and voice science. This Community is unique because it brings members from all of these disciplines together for digital information exchange among an interprofessional group that is not available in other forums, and DocMatter’s system is flexible enough to fit into the busiest of schedules.

Membership in the community is a free benefit for two years after your most recent Fall Voice Conference registration!

If you have attended the Fall Voice Conference in the past two years and are not already active, click here to email Krish at DocMatter to get you started in the Fall Voice Community!

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