2014 Fall Voice Conference
October 23-25, 2014
The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

Travel Awards

On behalf of the Laryngology Education Foundation and the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association, we are proud to award travel grants to the following:

Laryngology Education Foundation Trainee Travel Grants:
(awarded to the top 2 submissions by MD and SLP trainees)
  • Hayley Born - 4th year medical student at NYU Voice Center presenting: "Perceptions of the effect of various substances and habits on vocal performance: A survey of amateur and professional vocalists?"
  • Christopher Johnson, MD – Laryngology Fellow at Georgia Regents University presenting: "A Comparison of the Tensile Strength of Fibrin Glue and Suture in Microflap Closure."
  • Carolyn Noveleski, MS – PhD. Student in the Department of Hearing and Speech and Sciences at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine presenting: "In Vivo Suture Model of Elicit Rabbit Phonation."
  • Aaron Ziegler, CCC-SLP – Postdoctoral Fellowship at Oregon Health & Science University presenting: "Phonatory and Respiratory Function during Submaximal Aerobic Exercise: Complementary and Competing Goals."
The two additional Laryngology Education Foundation awards that will be given at Fall Voice Conference for BEST POSTER. So to all our 100 poster presenters: make it a great one and claim the prize!

With tremendous gratitude and in collaboration with the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association, Fall Voice Week is proud to announce 4 awards from the NSDA to be given to the following dystonia related papers at Fall Voice Conference

National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association Travel Grants:
  • Tanya Eadie, PhD, CCC-SLP – Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington presenting: "How Does Information Affect Listener Attitudes Towards Spasmodic Dysphonia?"
  • Edie Hapner, PhD, CCC-SLP – Director of Speech and Language Pathology at The Emory Voice Center presenting: "Development and Validation of a Patient Satisfactions Scale to Assist with Communication in Determining Dosing of Botox in People with ADSD."
  • Tanya Meyer, MD – Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Washington presenting: "Work Productivity in Spasmodic Dysphonia and the Impact of Botulinum Toxin."
  • Christina Duran, MS, CCC-SLP – Department of Otolaryngology at UT Southwestern Medical Center presenting: "Spontaneous development of fluent inspiratory phonation as adaptive compensation for laryngeal dystonia."