2023 Fall Voice Conference

2023 Post-Meeting Reminders:

Follow the simple instructions below to log into the app, check into sessions (CEU only), complete the OVERALL EVALUATION and receive your attendance certificate.


  1. Log into the The Fall Voice App/Website with the email that this was sent to and login with your password, create a password or request your PW to be sent. Everyone should have done this before or during the conference.
    1. CHECK-IN to EACH SESSION that you want CREDIT for under the AGENDA on the APP.  This feature is already open and will remain open until October 28th We trust that you will be honest and check-in for ONLY the sessions you attend. The MAX credit that you can earn for the Pre-Conference is 0.6 credits and for the main, 1.25.
  3. ALL ATTENDEES:  COMPLETE the OVERALL EVALUATION under the Evaluation Icon on the home screen of the app/website.  Once you complete the evaluation, please refresh the app, wait a few moments and your certificate will appear at the top of the screen and also on the home screen under “attendance certificate.”  SLP’s:  In order to claim CEU, you must enter your ASHA ID in the evaluation.  The session evaluations are different from the OVERALL EVALUATION and are NOT a requirement.   Please see below for CEU deadlines!  No exceptions will be made for failure to follow the instructions.


There is NO APP CHECK-IN required for CME/Physician credit – only complete tasks 1&3 above.


 TFV DocMatter
The Fall Voice Community: Eat, Breathe, Talk provides fellowship for professionals dedicated to advancing the interdisciplinary care of patients with voice, swallowing and airway disorders.

Please visit the EBT Community today to become a member and view the Fall Voice Online Poster Presentations: https://www.docmatter.com/fall-voice-conference LIST of ONLINE POSTER PRESENTATIONS to be VIEWED on DocMatter.

 The Fall Voice Conference
The Fall Voice Conference is designed to encourage and educate professionals on a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of vocal disorders. The focus of this conference is the clinical care of patients with voice-related difficulties and how clinical and basic science research guide clinical care.

The conference will be divided among invited lectures, panel discussions, and scientific presentations. Physicians, Speech-Language Pathologists, Voice Scientists and Voice Teachers are encouraged to attend and participate.

Join us for Fall Voice 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona – October 24-26, 2024.