2021 Fall Voice Virtual Conference
October 21-23, 2021
Miami, Florida - Live and Virtual

Attendee Registration


The 2021 Fall Voice Pre Conference will include our spectacular SLP Program, Early SLP Program, Laryngology Fellow's Day and Early/Middle/Late Career Laryngology Programs.

The Fall Voice Conference is designed to encourage and educate professionals on a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of voice, swallowing and airway disorders. The focus of this conference is the clinical care of patients with laryngologic-related difficulties and how clinical and basic science research guide clinical care. The conference will be divided among invited lectures, panel discussions, and scientific presentations. Physicians, Speech-Language Pathologists, Voice Scientists and Voice Teachers are encouraged to attend and participate. Join us LIVE or VIRTUALLY for Fall Voice 2021 in Miami, Florida - October 21-23, 2021.

*Virtual Attendance will ONLY include the Main SLP Pre Conference, Laryngology Fellows Day and the main sessions on Friday and Saturday. Join us IN-PERSON for ALL of the sessions!


The fee to attend The Fall Voice Conference is the same for LIVE vs VIRTUAL:
*Physicians - $530
*SLP, RN, NP, PA - $425
*Fellows/Residents/Students - $215
*SLP PreCon ONLY - $110

Contact Alyson for a discount code for Military or Member of an International Society.


SLP Pre Conference - 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
Concurrent/Breakout Sessions:
*Early Career SLP Program
*Laryngology Fellows Day
*Early Career Laryngology Program
*Middle Career Laryngology Program
*Late Career Laryngology Program

Main Program - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
*Keynote Presentations
*Poster Presentations

Main Program - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
*Keynote Presentations
*Poster Presentations

PreCon Course Criteria

Laryngology Fellows Day:
Laryngology Fellowship Applicants, matched Laryngology Fellows, current Laryngology Fellows, and 1 year out from Laryngology Fellowship

Early Career Laryngologists:
Year 2-7 post fellowship

Middle Career Laryngologists:
Year 7-15 post fellowship

Late Career Laryngologists:
15 years+ post training

Early Career SLP:
1-5 years in practice


General Questions - Alyson Conley: alyson@theassociationcompany.com
Sponsor Opportunities - Cathy Jones: cathy@theassociationcompany.com

Coming Soon...

Stay tuned for possible Wednesday Hands-On Courses at Fall Voice!

Cancellation Policy

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Should I decide to cancel this agreement and withdraw my registration, the refund/cancellation policy is as follows for registered attendees:

Cancellation 30+ days prior to meeting - 75% refund
Cancellation 29-15 days prior to meeting - 50% refund
Cancellation 14-11 days prior to meeting - 25% refund
Cancellation 10 days or less before meeting- NO REFUND

*If your institution enforces a travel ban, once you have registered and paid, your live registration fees will be transferred to the virtual platform.